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Stop Death Now!

This requires a bit of explanation (and a window unto itself). I worked on this during the summer after my first year at the University of Maryland, with Nate Vaughan providing the graphical help I so sorely needed. Then I made 90 copies of it on the Journal of the National Cancer Institute's dime (sorry), borrowed my parents' car to drive to campus on the night before the start of the Fall 2000 semester, and slathered the posters all over: duct-taping them to well-traveled ground, pinning them to bulletin boards, masking-taping them up all over the cafeteria, etc. It took an hour and a half. I revealed that I had put them up to about four people; otherwise, I enjoyed the anonymity.

The humoric motif is "discontent with facile liberalism," a well I dipped into quite often during my stay at Maryland.

Okay, now look at it here.


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