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Spam-O-Matickers Who Also Have Sites, And Where You Can Find Them (The Sites, That Is)

  • Chris Porter's Wizznuts site, for fans of the Washington Wizards (née Bullets), uses aggressively unreadable design to challenge the viewer: "Are you as big a Washington Bullets/Wizards fan as I? If so, you will brave the hazards of pointless animations, overlong home page and text-obscuring background to glean valuable chunks of information about Washingtonian professional basketball." A postmodern commentary on fandom sure to please eggheads and Ben Wallace fans alike.
  • C-Po's music site, "The Suburbs Are Killing Us," breaks down a topic a day (or sometimes a big topic over a few days) using MP3s and commentary. His ska-jazz series illustrated vividly his subsqeuent article in Jazz Times, and he's provided everything from hip-hop to indie rock to unavailable bonus traxx for download. If you like music, you should be reading it.
  • An anonymous person with good taste in music and jibes at the general culture serves the blog-reading public at Kittytext. He's got MP3s too. I'd comment more extensively except that I might violate Kitty's anonymitty. (Ha ha! Purposeful spelling errors are funny!)
  • Susan Abbott's work in watercolors has been featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," but we shouldn't hold that against her. Rather, we should go look at her website,, and nod our heads in remembering that that Oprah woman does have some aesthetic sense. Susan's site now has a new sketchbook page a week, which is one of the more fascinating things anyone I know has done on the Internet, as it allows you to see the world with the same first impressions as an artist does and provides additional commentary most of the time.
  • I don't know that I would exactly describe this anonymous person as a Spam-O-Maticker, but he does link to me and I've been getting referral hits from his site lately, so here's a link to TMFTML, who doesn't need it. Yay! I'm actually participating in the blogosphere to some small extent! I didn't know it was possible to be antisocial in cyberspace, but I think I am.
  • Nate Vaughan's Tiny Dinosaur website is mentioned in discussing his profession on the acknowledgments page, but those who aren't interested in having him design a web outpost for them might nevertheless wish to admire his artistic creations at his personal site.
  • Jason Walther was never on Spam either, but he's so funny I always forget that (along with everything else I'm thinking about) as soon as I start reading his prose. See why I say that at Pancake City, his very own personal blog.
  • Jordan Baker's combines effort, enthusiasm, and exacting standards to help keep his selected corner of the musical universe tidier than it would otherwise be. Check out the News link near the upper-left corner for regular updates on Jordan's affairs, plus some other people's affairs. I don't know those people, so they're less special.
  • One of the side benefits of taking these ComedySportz workshops has been meeting interesting people. One of these interesting people, Sandra Hull, has a blog of which I have become a devoted reader. Sandra is an extremely funny woman both in person and in print, and in the finest blog tradition, quotidian tales of misspellings, inconveniences and minor hazards of apartment living become hilarious and poignant by turns as she renders them into prose. Check it out.

Anyone else who wants their website featured on this list, e-mail me and let me know.


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